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Alternanthera reineckii
(Alternanthera reineckii)

Alternanthera reineckii

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Scientific name
Alternanthera reineckii
Achyranthes reinickii
Alternanthera osiris
Telanthera osiris

Common name


what are his countries of origin?

Origin: South America

Ideal fertilization

how to fertilize this plant?

CO2: 10-40mg/l
Nitrates (NO3): 10-50mg/l
Phosphates (PO4): 0,1-3mg/l
Potassium (K): 5-30mg/l
Iron (Fe): 0,01-0,5mg/l


which group is this plant?



what is the type of plant?



What are the Water parameters for the maintenance of this plant?

T°: 17 to 24°C or 63 to 75°F
pH: 6.5 to 7.5
Hardness: 6 to 10°dGH





what brightness is needed?



what is the maximum size of the plant?

40 cm (16")


in which area of the aquarium install this plant?



how fast does this plant grow?



Who is the Alternanthera reineckii?


Who is the Alternanthera reineckii?

In its natural environment, this plant crosses in the marshes of the tropical regions of South America. It is a malarial plant, that is to say, it can live in part emerged. It is therefore perfectly suited to paludariums. However, it supports quite well the total immersion.

Its size is on average 40 cm or 16 inch, but it can reach 60 cm or 24 inch in good conditions. This plant offers pretty spear-shaped leaves with red or lilac reflections (accented by powerful lighting). It is perfect to bring a subtle contrast to your green vegetation!

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Alternanthera reineckii?

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Alternanthera reineckii?

Given its size, prefer to install it on the back of your aquarium, or on the sides.

For a leafy effect, plant your feet in groups, without squeezing them too tightly together. Go on a ratio of 2 or 3 feet for 10 cm² or 1.55 square inch, and a space of 10 cm or 4 inch between each foot so that the leaves close to the foot can receive enough light. The substrate should be rich in nutrients.

To have very red leaves, put your plants under a very intense lighting. The temperature of the water should not be too high (20/22°C or 68/72°F).

When it approaches the surface of the water, if you want to keep it submerged, dig it up and cut the base of the stem. Put it back in its place afterwards.

You will need to make a contribution of ferrous fertilizer regularly to maintain this plant in good health.

The diffusion of CO2, if it is a plus, is not essential.


How to farm the Alternanthera reineckii?


How to farm the Alternanthera reineckii?

Propagate your feet by cuttings: cut off the side rejects and let them float in the aquarium. Roots will form quickly: you can replant them.

Good To know

Find all additional information!

Good To know

Find all additional information!

There is a lot of variation of this species. Examples include the Alternanthera reineckii Mini which is the dwarf version, the «purple» and the «pink».

It is often confused with its cousin Alternanthera rosaefolia of which it is very close. To differentiate them, observe the veins of the leaves: they are green in A.reineckii while they are pink / red in A.rosaefolia.

The closer the leaves are to the ground, the more green they are. The closer they are to the surface, the more they blush!

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