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Freshwater   Plants

Lemon Bacopa
(Bacopa caroliniana)

Lemon Bacopa

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Scientific name
Bacopa Caroliniana
Bacopa amplexicaulis
Monniera crenata
Hydrotrida carolinian

Common name
Lemon Bacopa
Giant red Bacopa
Water Hyssop


what are his countries of origin?

Origin: America (United states)

Ideal fertilization

how to fertilize this plant?

CO2: 10-40mg/l
Nitrates (NO3): 10-20mg/l
Phosphates (PO4): 0,1-3mg/l
Potassium (K): 5-10mg/l
Iron (Fe): 0,01-0,5mg/l


which group is this plant?



what is the type of plant?



What are the Water parameters for the maintenance of this plant?

T°: 15 to 29°C or 59 to 84°F
pH: 6 to 7.5
Hardness: 1 to 10°dGH





what brightness is needed?



what is the maximum size of the plant?

50 cm (20")


in which area of the aquarium install this plant?



how fast does this plant grow?



Who is the Lemon Bacopa?


Who is the Lemon Bacopa?

This beautiful plant has multiple leaves giving it a dense and bushy appearance. Under a very strong light, the end of the leaves of the Bacopa takes on copper-colored hues.

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Lemon Bacopa?

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Lemon Bacopa?

For aquarium maintenance, this plant should ideally be at the back of your tank. Indeed, this advantageous position will highlight it, and given its size, will form a nice and high grove. Be careful that its large size does not prevent too much light from reaching the lower areas of the aquarium, depriving other species of sufficient brightness. And it is also valid for itself! Its foot and lower leaves should receive enough light. For this, space the feet from 4 to 6 cm or 1.5 to 2.5 inch at least.

It is a palustral variety, that is to say that it can live emerged. Moreover, if you plant it in the water but its stem protrudes in the open air, pretty purple flowers may appear. You can therefore use it in paludarium. For pond installation, beware of winter frosts that affect this plant. However, you can enjoy a beautiful summer bloom.

In general, note that this plant likes fresh water and that a long period in hot water is harmful. It particularly appreciates a soil rich in nutrients with a substrate. The diffusion of CO2 is not obligatory but accelerates its growth. Finally, a good light is favorable (between 1 watt for 2 liters and 1 watt for 4 liters).

Be careful, Bacopa is very brittle. You will have to handle it with gentleness and precaution, when planting and during your maintenance.


How to farm the Lemon Bacopa?


How to farm the Lemon Bacopa?

The growth and multiplication of Bacopa is not a problem. Indeed, it is easy to grow and its growth is very fast.

Fragment the mother’s foot gently to recover the extra stems that will have formed. Be very gentle during this stage because Bacopa is very brittle. Make a hole in the substrate and drop the new rod. Cover the hole.

Good To know

Find all additional information!

Good To know

Find all additional information!

It is also known as Bacopa amplexicaulis.

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