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Delta arrowhead
(Sagittaria platyphylla)

Delta arrowhead

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Scientific name
Sagittaria platyphylla

Common name
Delta arrowhead
Broad-leaf arrowhead
Delta duck-potato


what are his countries of origin?

Origin: South of the United States and Southeast Asia

Ideal fertilization

how to fertilize this plant?

CO2: 10-40mg/l
Nitrates (NO3): 10-50mg/l
Phosphates (PO4): 0.1-3mg/l
Potassium (K): 5-30mg/l
Iron (Fe): 0.01-0.5mg/l


which group is this plant?



what is the type of plant?



What are the Water parameters for the maintenance of this plant?

T°: 19 to 29°C or 66 to 84°F
pH: 6 to 7.5
Hardness: 4 to 25°dGH





what brightness is needed?



what is the maximum size of the plant?

20 to 35cm (8 to 14")


in which area of the aquarium install this plant?



how fast does this plant grow?



Who is the Delta arrowhead?


Who is the Delta arrowhead?

Easy to maintain, this plant adapts easily to the living conditions of your aquarium. It is recommended for beginners who won't have any trouble maintaining it properly.

The Sagittaria accepts a wide range of temperatures. Even if extremes are always to be avoided in the long term, the plant accepts temperatures as low as 19°C (66°F), and can temporarily withstand temperatures close to 27/28°C (81/82°F).

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Delta arrowhead?

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Delta arrowhead?

Ideally, install this plant in the background as it tends to spread and will cover your soil.

In good health, it forms a dense and continuous bush that will be a refuge appreciated by all fry, but also by all shy and fearful fish.

The Sagittaria will appreciate being planted in rich nutritious soil from which it will draw the necessary nutrients for its growth. When these substances begin to be lacking and the soil becomes impoverished, the plant will suffer from chlorosis (weakening and yellowing of the leaves). It's time to put fertilizer at its feet! Also remove damaged leaves.


How to farm the Delta arrowhead?


How to farm the Delta arrowhead?

For a successful reproduction, cut the axis (or runners) carrying the seedlings when they measure at least one third of the mother plant. Transplant it at a sufficient distance to allow for ideal expansion, about 5 to 7 centimetres (5 to 3") from the mother plant.

Good To know

Find all additional information!

Good To know

Find all additional information!

This plant adapts quickly to the various conditions it encounters and will be perfect for a beginner aquarist.

The genus Sagittaria has no less than 16 distinct species!

Can be confused with Sagittaria subulata. Sagittaria platyphylla is smaller and has larger leaves.

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