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Tape grass
(Vallisneria spiralis)

Tape grass

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Scientific name
Vallisneria spiralis
Vallisneria aethiopica
Vallisneria caulescens
Vallisneria gracillis
Vallisneria jacquinii
Vallisneria pusilla
Vallisneria linne

Common name
Tape grass
Eel grass
Straight vallisneria


what are his countries of origin?

Origin: Cosmopolitan (tropical regions)

Ideal fertilization

how to fertilize this plant?

CO2: 5-40mg/l
Nitrates (NO3): 10-50mg/l
Phosphates (PO4): 0.1-3mg/l
Potassium (K): 5-30mg/l
Iron (Fe): 0.01-0.5mg/l


which group is this plant?



what is the type of plant?



What are the Water parameters for the maintenance of this plant?

T°: 20 to 27°C or 68 to 817°F
pH: 6.5 to 7
Hardness: 7 to 20°dGH





what brightness is needed?



what is the maximum size of the plant?

20 to 80cm (8 to 31.5")


in which area of the aquarium install this plant?



how fast does this plant grow?



Who is the Tape grass?


Who is the Tape grass?

Vallisneria spiralis in nature

This pretty plant has thin, flat, ribbon-like leaves. It is a perennial and perennial plant.

Very ornamental, it can form real hedges at the back of your aquarium. Moreover, its ability to withstand hard water and its unappetizing appearance (in the sight of many species) make it a plant of choice for aquariums with African biotope.

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Tape grass?

Planting and maintenance

How to plant and maintain the Tape grass?

In order to form pretty groves or a fairly dense plant "hedge", plant the plants fairly close together. Thus, arrange them by planting 4 or 5 plants every 25 cm (10"). For planting, plan for nutritious soil 7 to 10 cm (3 to 4") thick because it has deep roots.

This plant appreciates a little current and clean, clear water. Install it near the filter! Moreover, it will be perfect to hide it ;) It also likes intense lighting which guarantees its good health and growth. Apart from that, it does not require any special conditions.

The Vallisneria can become invasive because it grows very fast. When it has no more room to grow tall, it spreads out over the entire surface of the aquarium, creating a lot of shade for the other plants below. To avoid this, prune the leaves as soon as necessary.


How to farm the Tape grass?


How to farm the Tape grass?

Very easy. You can cut the stems with runners measuring at least 1/3 of the mother plant. Prick them out at least 7cm / 3" apart. They will form new feet very quickly.

Good To know

Find all additional information!

Good To know

Find all additional information!

This plant looks a lot like its cousin the Vallisneria americana. However, it is smaller and its leaves are less wide. It is also lighter green.

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