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The online encyclopedia to learn all about the world of the aquarium!

Thinking, creating and maintaining an aquarium offers a captivating experience for young and old! But what volume for my aquarium? How to maintain it? Which plants to choose? How to feed my fish, my shrimps, my frogs or my turtles? Which aquarium to choose for a goldfish, a Siamese fighting fish or a guppy?

This encyclopedia, for both beginners and experts, informs you about all aspects of freshwater aquariums, reefs, ponds and aqua terrarium:

  • Animal sheets: feeding, cohabitation, behavior, reproduction, ideal aquarium, similar species, living area, biotope...
  • Plant sheets: growth, planting area, difficulty, reproduction...
  • Practical guides: installation of your tank, maintenance, quality of water, products, advice for my first aquarium...

For now, this website is being opened and some sections are not yet accessible. Updates are regularly scheduled to offer you the best information as fast as possible!


Choose your universe and discover all the species cards!

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