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Sebae anemone
(Heteractis crispa)

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Sebae anemone

Sebae anemone
(Heteractis crispa)

This beautiful Sebae anemonee will perfectly accompany many clownfish. In addition, its maintenance is easy. We tell you everything on this page!

Scientific name

Heteractis crispa

Common name

Sebae anemone
Purple tip anemone
Leathery sea anemone


what are its countries of origin?

Origin: Tropical Indo-Pacific and Red Sea


quel type de corail ?

Kind: Anemone
Form: many long tentacles often with purple tips





what is the minimum volume for this species?

200 L - 44 imp gal - 53 US gal

Water parameters

what are the water parameters for the maintenance of this coral?

T°: 22 à 26°C or 72 to 79°F
pH: 7.5 to 8.5
Density: 1022 to 1028





what is the maximum size of this coral?

up to 50cm (20") in diameterr



Average to strong

Minimal lighting

what brightness is needed?




Average (urticant)


How to feed the Sebae anemone?


How to feed the Sebae anemone?

It contains zooxanthellae (unicellular algae produced by photosynthesis) that provide it with food. Occasionally, it can also be a carnivorous predator of fish or shellfish. In the aquarium, distribute once a week a shelled mussel, fish meat, squid or shrimp.

Try this experiment: if you have clownfish that are smart enough, give them small pieces of minced fish. They will feed themselves their anemone! However, do not be dependent on this system to feed your anemone and check that it is eating enough.


Who can live with the Sebae anemone?


Who can live with the Sebae anemone?

This anemone is solitary and not very mobile. It will settle between the stones or directly on the sand if the brightness is sufficient.

The leathery anemone is the perfect refuge for many species with which it has symbiotic relationships (clownfish, shrimps...).

Apart from a few special symbiotic species, this anemone may represent a risk of burning for corals or fish (because of its poisonous tentacles). It is therefore recommended to maintain it in a specific aquarium, for example with a pair of clownfish (see «Good to know»).


How to breed the Sebae anemone?


How to breed the Sebae anemone?

The multiplication of the leathery anemone is done by separating the foot. Sexual breeding has never been done in an aquarium.

Its aquarium

Which aquarium for the Sebae anemone?

Its aquarium

Which aquarium for the Sebae anemone?

It will settle perfectly in a marine aquarium, but it will be necessary to be more careful as for its introduction in a reef aquarium. Decorate with algae, rocks and invertebrates. If you want it to settle in the sand, install a 3-4 cm or 1.2-1.6 inch layer at the bottom of your aquarium to attract it.

As this anemone is likely to move, it is safer to protect the suction of your pumps.

It enjoys a strong brewing and powerful lighting like the HQI.

Good to know

Good to know

Find all additional information!

Here is the list of clownfish compatible with this anemone:

  • Amphiprion akindynos

  • Amphiprion barberi

  • Amphiprion bicinctus

  • Amphiprion chrysopterus

  • Amphiprion clarkii

  • Amphiprion ephippium

  • Amphiprion latezonatus

  • Amphiprion leucokranos

  • Amphiprion mccullochi

  • Amphiprion melanopus

  • Amphiprion omanensis

  • Amphiprion perideraion

  • Amphiprion polymnus

  • Amphiprion sandaracinos

  • Amphiprion thiellei

  • Amphiprion tricinctus

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Alternative species

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