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Freshwater aquarium

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You will find in this section: maintenance sheets for freshwater fish, plants, invertebrates and mollusks, as well as a practical guide for installing your aquarium!

freshwater fishes


The maintenance sheets will give you advice on feeding, behavior, cohabitation, breeding, water parameters and the type of aquarium for your favorite fish!

You will also learn how to know it better with anecdotes about the species, as well as its origin, its biotope, etc...

All freshwater fish are waiting for you: Guppy, Angelfish, Corydoras, Loachs, Gourami, Discus, Siamese fighting fish and many more!

freshwater plants


Compose a beautiful eco-system around your desires and your preferences!

The sheets for the freshwater plants will tell you about the lighting, the growth, the planting area and the maintenance of the most beautiful species of aquarium!

Many freshwater plants await you: Anubia, Alternanthera, Vallisneria, Java moss and many more!

freshwater invertebrates


To know everything about setting up a freshwater aquarium: volume, location, filter, lightning, installation steps...

The maintenance of your aquarium is essential, not only for the aesthetics of the tank but also for the balance of the ecosystem that you have created. Discover in this guide the routines for cleaning and the maintenance of freshwater aquariums, as well as the necessary equipment.

freshwater aquarium installation


To know everything about setting up a freshwater aquarium: volume, location, filter, lighting, installation steps...

freshwater aquarium installation

Maintenance: freshwater

To know all about the maintenance of a freshwater aquarium: equipment, water quality, cleaning, windows...


Nano aquarium

Nano-aquariums are becoming more and more popular, so this part of Encyclo-fish is dedicated to this form of aquarium hobby. You will find all species of plants, fish or invertebrates that can accommodate these small bins full of charm!



Discover in this section our gallery of the most beautiful aquariums!

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