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Sea water aquarium

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You will find in this section: maintenance sheets for sea water fish, corals, invertebrates and mollusks...

Sea water fish


The maintenance sheets will give you advice on feeding, behavior, cohabitation, breeding, water parameters and the type of aquarium for your favorite fish!

You will also learn how to know it better with anecdotes about the species, as well as its origin, its biotope, etc...

All sea water fish are waiting for you: Clownfish, Surgeonfish, Gobie, Angelfish, Wrasses and many more!


Corals and anemones

Did you know that corals are actually animals?

The coral and anemone sheets will inform you about their needs!

A lot of species are here: Acopora, Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia, Briareum and many more!



Indispensable friends of your marine aquarium, these little creatures have a busy life!

Species cards will advise you on feeding, behavior, cohabitation, reproduction, water parameters of these fascinating inhabitants!

Shrimp, hermit crab, starfish are waiting for you!

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